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Choose the change you want

Technology will change seed and grain inspection.
We’ll help you make the most of it.

Working across the grain supply chain

Seed and grain inspection is complex

Platypus gives you control and confidence

We’ll help you augment or automate manual processes

With advanced machine vision + AI

To suit your needs

Seed breeders

Seed testing labs

Growers (all grains)

Grain traders and bulk handlers

We inspect and analyse any type of seed or grain









Like a real platypus, our system has sensory superpowers

Ensuring it is accurate and reliable

Accurate variety ID up to 20x faster

Grading certainty you can see on screen and review if you choose to

Reproducible results across the supply chain

Systems to suit your size from farm to export

Change isn’t always easy

Unless you have the right tool for the job


Analyses up to 1 litre of grain in 4 minutes.


Simply pour in the top and watch results compile in real-time on screen.


Choose supervisor mode to augment (not replace) your team.

From machine vision leaders

We bring you 15+ years of machine vision experience, combined with engineering and automation expertise.
This experience sets us apart. Combined with AI developments, it enables us to uniquely solve manual seed and grain inspection in a way that others cannot.
Like the platypus mammal, we’re Australian. But unlike our namesake, we’re spreading further afield – we’re working with businesses and operators in the seed and grain industry in Australia and other countries, to support their tech transformation.

We’ll bring you greater efficiencies, support and confidence

Drive value in your business, into the future

Choose the change you want